How long will it take until my listing is visible to students?

Most of the time within the hour. However, during busy times of the year, or during our own retreats, it can take up to 2 business days.

Private Yogi Lounge vs.  Public Yogi Lounge

The Public Lounge is for all – students and teachers! We encourage students to interact and be able to ask questions to other students as well as teachers! Its also a great place for teachers who do not have a studio – to post their availability if they are seeking to teach or sub. Be sure to post there and check often!

The PRIVATE Yogi Lounge will be visible to those that have placed a listing. Anything you post there (and feel free to create a topic today!) will only be visible to Studio owners. Post things like “Does anyone know where to get the best insurance?” , “Who would like to get together and form a benefit for Cancer?”, or “What are the NY Laws for Yoga Studios”…..Whatever you like that you feel will benefit the tribe of Yoga Studios and teachers here!

I decided I wanted to have a Featured Listing, what do I do?

This is easy to do! Log in, and click on your account! you will see the option to upgrade right there.

Can I have a tag or category added?

Certainly! You may put in a request and it will be reviewed. Once the decision is made, we will let you know when it is live and ready to use.

Are Events for Yoga Gatherings really FREE?

YES! For anyone who posts a listing, you may post as many events for free as long as your listing is active. All events need to be aligned with Yoga of course!

Do you have Printable Step by Step instructions how to add a listing to

Sure! It really is easy if you start with ‘Add Listing” tab on the right – just follow the 5 basic steps. But here they are:  Step By Step to YogiVille!